Saturday, January 16, 2010

What the Warriors Should Do

Growing up in the Bay Area, even as a Laker fan, I have always been partial to the Warriors. They have always been one of the more exciting teams in the league (even when they suck, they always score a lot of points), and I always hope that they do well. That being said a combination of inept front office management, bad contract decisions and poor coaching (I'm talking to you Nellie) have combined to keep the team on the ground. Watching the Dubs is like watching a tremendously hot girl with a few random tattoos and a lip piercing at a bar get incredibly drunk and go home with the first nasty, creepy guy who walks up to her. You know that she could be doing better for herself, but you suspect that there are some underlying issues that you'd rather not touch. She has a ton of admirers who would do almost anything for her (Warriors fans are notoriously loyal and make the games incredibly fun to attend) but she is too insecure or fucked in the head to keep it together. Without further ado, here is some advice for the Warriors from someone who is obviously qualified to be a NBA GM.

First, STOP DRAFTING LITTLE GUYS! You think you can win in the NBA going small? Well, you can't, unless you have Magic, Worthy, Michael Cooper etc. The Suns didn't do it, the Run TMC Warriors didn't do it, it is incredibly hard to do. Ellis and Curry are very nice players (Ellis more so than Curry IMO). How did Marco Belinelli turn out for ya? Brandon Wright and Anthony Randolph look like they might actually be useful players for a run and gun team. (Yes, I know Wright was drafted by the Bobcats and then traded for J-Rich). I think Jared Dudley would be a decent fit in the Warriors scheme, rather than the nothing they got for Bells. I realize the draft is a crap shoot but, they need some sort of size. Turiaf, Biedrins and Randolph are a nice core, but a good rebounder or two would certainly help their cause, also someone who commands a double team in the post would be cool.

Second, Shoot Chris Cohan. The guy has been nothing but trouble for the Warriors since he sued to take over majority ownership so he could have the right to drive the team into the ground. Seriously, Chris, you suck! Oakland is one of the only NBA cities that actually matters and you produce crap year after year. Can we force him to sell the team? This would be like the creepy guy mentioned earlier, fighting another guy over the drunk chick only to take her home and make her watch him play video games and eat junk food while he jacks off to porn, a total waste.

Third, Fire Don Nelson. Nelson has never won ANYWHERE, even with superior talent. He turns toxic on his teams (see Cuban, Mark or Webber, Chris) and never leaves anywhere feeling good about his stint there. He refuses to play good young talent (see Randolph, Anthony) and I'm not sure if he knows that playing good defense is a integral component of winning basketball. Sure he is an offensive mastermind, but what has he ever won?

Finally, stop giving all of your talent away, or letting it walk. Arenas, Jamison, Webber, etc etc etc... Develop some players for once. This also ties in with the fire Nelson comment.

Sigh... that was depressing


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  1. They need to get Chris Bosh. That's the low post presence that's gonna command a double team. Package Curry for him and pray we get the #1 pick to get John Wall!