Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Prediction

So without further ado here is my Super Bowl pick and how it will happen over the course of the game.

Super Bowl XLIV

Saints 44
Colts 37

1st Quarter
Saints win the toss and choose to go on D first. The Colts offense comes out with less combustible emotion. Puts together 3 scoring drives, with Peyton finding Addai with the only TD of the quarter. The Saints come out excited and look like they are hurrying through their drives. They manage to put together 1 scoring drive at the end of the 1st, a FG after they stall inside the redzone.

Saints 3
Colts 13

2nd Quarter
Manning comes out and leads another TD (20 yard TD pass to Dallas Clark) drive for the Colts to answer the Saints FG at the end of the 1Q, it's the only TD the Colts manage the rest of the half. The Saints relax after their FG to end the 1Q. Drew Brees finds Reggie Bush for a 25 yard TD score on the Saints first possession. The TD loosens up the Saints defense a bit. Brees then leads the Saints to 2 more scoring drives as the Saints defense limits the Colts to a couple of 3 and outs (after the Colts are limited to a FG after the Bush TD). The Saints outscore the Colts 17-10 in the quarter.

Saints 20
Colts 23

3rd Quarter
The Saints take the 2nd Half kickoff and return it to about midfield. The Saints give the Colts a heavy dose of Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas for the whole quarter. Drew Brees feeds off the drawn in linebackers here and there. The Saints get the 1st TD of the 2nd Half as Drew Brees gets a Play-Action passing TD to Marques Colston for 17 yards after sucking in the linebackers (who was worried about the run up the middle by Pierre Thomas). Peyton and the Colts respond with a methodical 13 play 85 yard drive culminating in a 5 yard TD pass from Manning to Clark. The defenses stiffen up for the rest of the quarter. A lot of close calls on both sides, but in the end just near misses.

Saints 27
Colts 30

4th Quarter
Both teams come out trying to take control of the game. The Colts miss out on a opportunity to go up by 10 after a costly holding penalty on 3rd down. The Saints take that opportunity and drive down for the game tying FG. The Colts come down and drive down to the 25 yard line and stall again. Matt Stover comes out and misses the first FG of the game. The Colts miss taking a 3 point lead. The Saints march down the field with determination in their eyes. The Saints convert a BIG 3rd down during the drive and score the go ahead TD on a 15 yard TD pass to Robert Meachem down the sideline. Peyton Manning gets the ball back trying to get the Colts back to even. A couple of dropped passes and a sack force the Colts to punt the ball away. Reggie Bush breaks loose for a 74 yard punt return to stretch the lead the 14. The Colts get the ball back and drive down the field. Manning distributes the ball all over the field. Wayne grabs a crucial 3rd down conversion inside the redzone. The Colts pull within a TD with a 12 yard TD run on the draw by Addai with 1:35 left in the game. The Colts go for the onside and fail. The Saints run the clock out and win the 1st Super Bowl Championship in their history.

Saints 44
Colts 37

That is how I see the game going.

-The Heckler

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