Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Rules of Court Storming

I have heard this topic being discussed on the Scott Van Pelt Show over the last month or so. I was kind on the fence on this topic unless last night (Wednesday March 3, 2010) when #22 Maryland beat #4 Duke and then the students stormed the court.

Okay now that we have totally gone insane we will go over when it is appropriate to storm the court.

Rules of Storming

1. You are a nontraditional powerhouse school and you upset a top 5 team in the country.

example: Arizona State upsetting a #1 U.C.L.A.

2. You beat a school that you haven't beat in 25+ years.

Reasons in which #2 is null and void:

-If you are ranked.
-If the school that you haven't beat in 25+ years has a losing record.
-If you are within 3 ranking positions of each other.
-If both of you have losing records.
-If you beat the other team by more than 10.
-If you have won a national title within 5 years of the win.
-If you are a traditional power in the world of college basketball
(i.e. Kansas, Duke, U.C.L.A., Kentucky, Syracuse, etc.)

3. You win a conference game for the first time in your schools existence in that conference.

example: DePaul

4. You win to get into the NCAA tournament for the first time in your schools history.

5. You win to win your conference for the first time in your schools history.

FINALLY...the last 2 reasons it is okay to storm the court

6. The star Senior hits the game winning shot as time expires on Senior Day against your most hated rival to propel you to the Conference title for the first time in school history.

7. You beat your most hated rival in your Legendary coaches last game of his career at home. The win is a buzzer beater and it propels you to the NCAA tournament for the last time in the career of your Legendary coach.

Other than the above stay in the stands. Don't do something just because you saw it on television and think it was cool. Court Storming is a Privilege not a Right. Remember that.

-The Heckler


  1. Maryland really stormed the court after beating Duke? Really? Maryland is a traditional national power. What a bunch of crap.

  2. Fans celebrate a big win by storming the court or field. If the fans feel its a big win than by god storm it. We stormed the field when Stanford beat Oregon in football because it was a huge win. That's the only rule there should be.

  3. Football is different than basketball. Stanford isn't a traditional powerhouse in football. Oregon has had a legacy of success in the Pac-10. That would be appropriate use of field rushing.

    -The Heckler