Monday, October 4, 2010

Post Season Awards

Here's my rundown of the way the hardware should be passed around this offseason, I'll start in the NL.

MVP- Joey Votto his .324/.424/.600/1.024 slash line, with an OPS+ of 174 speaks for itself in terms of his success (he lead the league in OPS+, WPA, OBP and SLG and was 2nd in AVG, 3rd in HR and RBI), but the way in which he did it also speaks volumes. He has hit .369 with runners in scoring position, and .357 in the last three innings of games.

Apologies to Albert Pujols and Carlos Gonzalez

CY- Roy Halladay, I dont even think its really close.

Apologies to Adam Wainwright and Tim Hudson

ROY-Buster Posey I could make a realistic argument, but Im a Giants fan so Posey wins.

Apologies to Neil Walker, Jason Heyward and Jamie Garcia

Manager of the Year- Bud Black; Anyone that can take that Padres team, and be in the hunt for a playoff spot until game 162 deserves the award. My hat is off to the man.

Apologies to Bobby Cox, Bruce Bochy, Dusty Baker

American League

MVP-Josh Hamilton. Because of his rib injury, I hesitated picking him over Miguel Cabrera and Robinson Cano, but after viewing the stat lines I decided he was the man who deserved the award. He hit led the league in average, slugging and OPS at .359/.633/1.044 respectively. He hit 32 HR and 100 RBI in 133 games (good for 5th and 12th in the league) and most importantly, he was the best player for one of the best teams in the AL this year. The Rangers built their lead in the first 5 months of the season when Hamilton was healthy, the time that he missed was not significant to their AL West title.

Apologies to Miggy and Cano

CY- Felix Hernandez. The man, the myth, the king.

Apologies to nobody, Felix was better than you all were this year.

ROY-Austin Jackson, scored 103 runs, got 181 hits, 34 doubles and 10 triples to go with 27 SB, no rookie since Ichiro has reached those stat lines and Jackson gets himself a ROY for doing so. Neftali Feliz was a great closer but he only counts for one inning a game. He finishes a close second

Apologies to Neftali Feliz

Manager of the Year- Ron Gardenhire has the Twins in the hunt for the best record in the AL until the last few days of the season and we never hear anything about the Twins. Did I mention they lost their All Star closer and MVP first baseman for the season?

Apologies to Joe Maddon

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