Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Grumblings with The Heckler

Interesting Fact of the Day: Every pitcher that has ever had 30+ Quality Starts in a Season has gone on to win the Cy Young Award. Felix Hernandez has 30+ Quality Starts this year.

Things that bother me

1. Fake Giants fans

Now don't get me wrong, I hate the Giants as a general rule so in essence, I hate all Giant fans. BUT I respect them. They are good fans. They are knowledgeable (for the most part) baseball fans that love their team and are willing die with them.

The Fake Giant fans are the ones that have gotten on the bandwagon in the last couple of weeks. They are the ones that give the Real Giant fans a bad name. I can't really distinguish between some of them at times, but I know just by listening to them talk. They are the ones clad in orange and black only in August and September. The rest of the time they are not really paying attention. They are the one's probably asking, "Hey what's with the Padres, they just came out nowhere?" Mind you they are saying this as the Padres are winning games to get the West closer as the season is closing out. They are the one's saying, "Man I totally didn't see Buster Posey playing so well all season." Mind you they are saying this in September as Buster is hitting 4th; the spot he has been hitting in for most of the year. Mind you Buster is one of only 2 people that has a chance to win the NL ROY (Heyward being the other one.).

I hope some of you real Giants fans choke out the Fake ones with those orange rally towels, it will do your fanbase good.

2. San Francisco 49ers Offense

Can the 49ers please sustain more than 3 drives a game? Yes, the offense had a multifaceted look to it this last Sunday. Yes, the offense moved the ball up and down the field all day AGAIN. Yes, Frank Gore was once again a Beast in the backfield.

So What?

I have an answer. GIVE THE BALL TO GORE INSIDE THE 20!

3. College Football top 25 polls

Let's see Boise State win 59-0 against a conference opponent and drops to #4 in the polls. It doesn't matter that it was New Mexico State (or whoever it was), because they BLEW them out. Boise State didn't beat them 16-10, 23-21, was 59-0. ZERO. I don't really care if Oregon beat Standford. It was a closer game than it ended up being. Oregon didn't beat Standford 24-0. That is the equivalent to what Boise State did. If Oregon did beat Standford 24-0 or 45-10, then sure go ahead and put them #3. Otherwise what did Boise do to deserve dropping one spot? Oregon has now jobbed TCU and Boise State in the polls. Now it looks like Boise State is locked out of any chance of a National Title shot and all they did was shut out a weaker team; Just like they are supposed to do.

Final Thought

So why do they show High School Football on ESPN, ESPN2, FSN (in all areas) and ESPNU (thought this channel was dedicated to college sports?) again? I think it is a bad idea to have high school athletics on television (any more than the local public access channels replaying games the day after on Saturday mornings after the game.). When are you going get to teach these kids the value of an education and a ground outlook when ESPN is coming to your Friday Night game. Along those lines we should also get rid of the National releases of the High School top 50. What does that prove? Other than showing that Florida, California, Texas have a lot of high school in their states.

We need to stop before high school football becomes just like college football. You laugh but if you look in California they are already putting in inroads towards such a future. The CIF champions from southern California and northern California now play in a Bowl Game against each other. Now what?

See you on Friday for my end of the week grumblings

The Heckler

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  1. Boise only beat VA Tech by 3... then VA Tech went out and lost to James Madison.... Boise only beat OS (the official abbreviation of Oregon State) by 13...UC Davis could beat New Mexico

    Id say Stanford is better than OS... and Oregon beat them by 21 and hung 50 on them. If Oregon played Boise St. in Autzen, it would be a blowout. If Boise wants to compete with the big boys, their preseason is going to have to be brutal. VT and OS just wont cut it.