Monday, November 29, 2010

Juan Uribe signs with Dodgers

Juan Uribe has recently agreed to a 3 year $21 MM deal with the Dodgers. As a Giants fan, my first reaction is that the Giants should have matched or beat the offer to retain him. Let's take a closer look:

Uribe will be 34 in the last year of the deal and is coming of career highs in HR and RBI while playing in his most games (148) since 2002. Even with the power increase, Uribe was only good for 1.8 offensive WAR, which is about average for a ML starter. Uribe is unlikely to replicate these power numbers or the number of games played again in his career. In his age 34 season, Uribe may be a backup earning $7MM to take 250 ABs.

I think the Giants can fill the position with someone who is similarly effective offensively for less money, and that money can potentially go towards contract extensions for what is sure to become a very expensive starting rotation. Jason Bartlett (more on him in a moment) also posted a 1.8 oWAR, and while being slightly worse than Uribe defensively, Bartlett is a bit more mobile on the basepaths, and hits for a higher contact rate and also draws more walks.

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