Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Postseason Awards and Giants Musings

So all of the hardware is handed out, and since I usually suck at predicting things Im going to continue to gloat about getting 7/8 of the postseason awards right this year. And saves are a stupid stat so I should be 8/8.

Anyway, the Giants re-signed Aubrey Huff today, and Brian Sabean participated in a conference call with reporters to announce it, here are some details. (The deal was two years for $22MM, club option for $10MM in 2013 or $2MM buyout)

  • Sabean said he got permission to match the offer that another team threw at Huff. The initial reaction was that the Giants overpaid to keep Huff, but it looks like there was at least one other team out there willing to splurge on Huff Daddy.
  • Talks with Uribe are moving along, but more slowly due to the amount of interest for a power hitting middle IF
  • Pat Burrell was told he will be addressed after SS is filled. Sabean said he had contact with a FA SS from another club, maybe O. Cabrera?
  • Giants also claim to be tight on $ and may non tender one of their arbitration eligible players; Torres, J. Lopez, S Casilla, J Sanchez, R Ramirez, M Fontenot, C Ross and C Ray. I'd say that Ray and Fontenot are the best bets to be non-tendered.
My first reaction to the Huff deal was that he was being overpaid, but upon looking at some stats (and hearing that Sabean matched an offer to keep him) I think that Huff was a reasonable signing considering the other 1B options. He did post one of the top 10 WAR seasons since 1960 by a Giants 1B (8th with 5.9 WAR)

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