Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So here is a breakdown of the possible SS for the Giants in 2011. Top row are 2010 stats, second row is per 162 game averages and the third row is Bill James' predictions for 2011. Click the image for the full sized version.

Since Kevin Towers says he refuses to deal with Sabean, I think Drew will remain a D'Back. Reyes would also command a very high price and it seems unlikely to me that he winds up in SF. Uribe may require a larger than desired investment (probably 3 or 4 years at about $12MM per), but I think his power and defensive versatility and his relative youth compared to Tejada and Scutaro easily make him the best option for the Giants at SS. Let's just hope he is "lot of happy" about the ring and wants to come back. I would love to have Jose Reyes hitting at the top of the order, but injuries to the legs of speedy players frighten me. Reyes would probably also cost Jonathan Sanchez plus prospects, and I dont think Sabean is moving any starter unless someone bites on Zito.

Outside of Uribe, that leaves Bartlett who will be 31 next year, Scutaro (35), Tejada (37) and possibly Orlando Cabrera (36) as the main candidates for the position next year. Uribe will only be 31 next year, and looks like he can be productive for another 3+ seasons. His power numbers are surprisingly on the rise since he's been playing in SF; he recorded the most HR and RBI of his career, while posting his lowest BABIP ever. He was largely unlucky last year and still posted very good numbers, if he stays healthy (and he traditionally has) his numbers should improve somewhat. Uribe is not the perfect player by any means, his K rate is a bit high and his walk rate a bit low, and it seems like he's trying to hit homeruns when he needs t0 move runners over, but here's why I think Uribe is the best choice: He is still technically in his prime, and while Bartlett is also, Uribe is the better defender and hits for far more power than Bartlett does. Both are versatile on the defensive side, but Uribe is better at SS, the position the Giants desperately need to fill.

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  1. Orlando Cabrera sucks and I will be pissed at Sabean if he is the Giants SS in 2011. That's why I didnt list him here.