Saturday, December 18, 2010

BCS Bowl Predictions by Ross

Since I like to continually display my ineptitude at predicting things, here's who I think will win the BCS games and why. Make sure to take this advice to Vegas if you are ready to lose all of your money. If gambling were legal....

Rose Bowl:
Wisconsin 31
TCU 17

Wisconsin has played a much tougher schedule, and has put up points against much better defenses.

Fiesta Bowl
Oklahoma 24
UConn 10

Maybe the biggest mismatch of the BCS bowls

Orange Bowl
Stanford 27
VA Tech 23

VA tech rebounded nicely after their two opening losses, but I think Luck and the Cardinal are too much.

Sugar Bowl
Ohio State 23
Arkansas 34

More proof that the BIG-10 is overrated. Arkansas only lost to Alabama and Auburn, two teams that spent large portions of the season ranked #1

BCS National Championship
Auburn 33
Oregon 31

This one is too close to call. I think the SEC and PAC-10 are head and shoulders above the rest of the country. The SEC might be better at the top (Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Arkansas), but the PAC-10 has more teams in the RPI top 50. Cam Newton is the best player and plays the most important position, that's enough for me.

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