Friday, December 3, 2010

BCS Nightmare

The B.C.S. is scared to death as they head into this weekends college football games.

The Best Case scenario for the B.C.S. is for Auburn to win the S.E.C. Championship Game against South Carolina; they also hope that Oregon beats Oregon State. If that happens, once again the B.C.S. is standing under a rainbow of sanity.


What if...

South Carolina beats Auburn in a close hard fought game, say 19-17.


Oregon State beats Oregon in the Civil War up in Corvallis.

The B.C.S. is going to be looking at this case: T.C.U. undefeated, Oregon, Auburn, Standford, Wisconsin all with 1 loss.

The average person would say, "Well that is simple either T.C.U against Wisconsin, or T.C.U. against Standford play in the National Championship Game."

I can tell you that isn't what would happen. It would end up being Auburn v. T.C.U. (T.C.U. would get there by the hair on their chin if they don't get jumped by either Standford or Wisconsin.)

What about Auburn you may be asking yourself. Well Auburn's loss would be better than any win the other 1 loss teams would have had down the stretch.

What if.......

Auburn loses and Oregon wins? Well... T.C.U.... sorry to tell you this but there is a better chance of Auburn getting a second life to face Oregon than for T.C.U. to skip over Auburn even with a loss.

Confused? Well... By the fact that Auburn would have lost a Championship Game the computers wouldn't punish them enough (no one else in the B.C.S. Championship picture would have had to go through another game against someone they have already faced and beat.) for T.C.U. to skip over them, unless T.C.U. is close enough already in the standing to maybe slip pass Auburn barely (by .0001 or so).

In my opinion Boise State ruined it for us all when they lost to Nevada. We as a Nation could have been rooting for both a loss by Oregon and Auburn. If Boise State's kicker would have made that infamous field goal the world of college football could have ended in a huge bang.

A National Championship Game featuring: T.C.U. v. Boise State.

Folks, either way, we are getting closer to a Division I football playoff.

The Heckler

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