Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giants SS Update 12/1

So the Giants signed Miggy Tejada to a one year $6.5MM deal that includes a $500K signing bonus on Weds. Its not sure that Tejada is the SS next year, but ESPN's Jerry Crasnick reports that the plan is to play Tejada at SS and Panda at 3B (via twitter), effectively putting the Giants out of the running for Bartlett.

Henry Schulman tweets that the Giants offered Uribe $20MM/3 years, which is $1MM less than the Dodgers and $5MM less than he was asking for from SF. As much as I liked the guy last year, he has suspect range, his hands aren't very good and he strikes out when he should be trying to move runners or hit sac flies. That being said, I will always remember him hitting that sac fly in game 4 of and the HR in game 6 of the NLCS. We love you Juan, just not $25MM worth.

All that talk about the Giants contacting Casey Close (Derek Jeter's agent) seems to be for the wrong reasons. Some people had speculated that Sabean could be trying to woo Jeter to SF (Sabean was the one who signed Jeter out of high school), but Close also represents another infielder you might be familiar with.... Mike Fontenot. Brain Sabean told Hank Schulman that the talks with Close were about Fontenot, not Jeter.

Just for fun here is my projection of the opening day lineup for your 2011 SF Giants.

Torres 8
F. Sanchez 4
Huff 3
Posey 2
Ross 9
Tejada 6
Sandoval 5
DeRosa 7

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