Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Heckler's Bowl Preview Special (Part 1 of 7)

Today is Part 1 of a 7 part series. I will be previewing 7 of the 35 (or so) Bowl Games going on this Bowl Season. The first 2 Bowls that I will be reviewing are non-B.C.S. Bowl Games: The M.A.A.C.O. Bowl (formerly the Las Vegas Bowl) and the Sun Bowl. Why these two you may ask? Well, honestly it is because the M.A.A.C.O. Bowl has Boise State playing in it and the Sun Bowl has Notre Dame playing in it. If there had been a Bowl Game with California in it I would be reviewing that game too. The other 5 Bowl Games that I will be reviewing will be the B.C.S. Games: Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, and National Championship. Now that we have that out of the way let's get started.

**I will be using the B.C.S. rankings in order to avoid any confusion**

M.A.A.C.O. Bowl (Las Vegas, Nevada) - December 22, 2010
#19 Utah Utes v. #10 Boise State Broncos

#19 Utah Utes (10-2, 7-1 M.W.C.)
Average Points per game: 35.6 (18th out of 120 Division I-A teams)
Average Points Allowed: 19.8 (23)
Home record: 5-1 (Lost to #3 T.C.U)
Away record: 5-1 (Lost to Notre Dame)
Total Yards (offense): 404.8 (42)
Last 6 (W-L): 4-2
Record v. top 25: 1-1 (W: #15 Pittsburgh-Week 1; L: #3 T.C.U.-Week 9)

#10 Boise State Broncos (11-1, 7-1 W.A.C.)
Average Points per game: 46.7 (2)
Average Points Allowed: 13.6 (4)
Home record: 6-0
Away record: 5-1 (Lost to #19 Nevada)
Total Yards (offense): 519.5 (4)
Last 6 (W-L): 5-1
Record v. top 25: 2-1 (W: #10 Virginia Tech-Week 1, #24 Oregon State-Week 3; L: #19 Nevada-Week 11)


For #19 Utah it is a season of what could have been. They look at the Rose Bowl and see #3 T.C.U. playing #5 Wisconsin and know that that could have been them. They lost to the #3 Horned Frogs at home and then followed it up with a lackluster road loss to Notre Dame the next week. They finished the season strong but, the 10-2 record was no consolation for what could have been a magical 12-0 season. They come into this game having won 2 games in a row: a shootout with San Diego State (38-34) and a squeaker over B.Y.U. (17-16). The B.Y.U. game could have been a disaster of a game but, 17 unanswered points gave Utah the game and salvaged a pretty good season. For Boise State the 2010 season is a season they would like to forget and at the same time always remember. They would like to forget the loss to then #19 Nevada. They would like to forget that #3 T.C.U. is playing in the Rose Bowl and probably would have even if #10 Boise State had gone undefeated. They do always want to remember the feeling that they have right now. That feeling is what they need to bring to the Bowl Game. They have to remember that if they go into this game not wanting to be at the game then Utah is going to run them out of the stadium. #10 Boise State isn't in the same boat as #2 Oregon or #1 Auburn. Had those two teams had a loss like Boise did late in the season, on the road, in a hostile environment, then they would have had a consolation prize of the: Rose Bowl (for Oregon) and the Sugar Bowl (for Auburn). #10 Boise State gets a December 22nd Bowl Game. Even #15 Nevada gets to play around B.C.S.Championship Game (Jan. 9 Bowl Game v. Boston College).

1st Half: #19 Utah 17 #10 Boise State 9
2nd Half: #19 Utah 14 #10 Boise State 24

Final Score: #19 Utah 31 #10 Boise State: 33

The Utes are going to come out ready to go and get out early in this game. The Broncos are going to go into halftime trailing by 8. The offense for the Broncos will be out of sync in the first half, other than their kicking game. The Utes are going to come out in the second half and basically play the same game they played in the first half. That won't be good enough in the second half. The Broncos are going to come out with determination to win the game in the second half. They will step on the gas and outscore the Utes by 10 in the second half. The Broncos are going to score the first and last points of the second half. It will once again come down to the Boise State kicker. This time he will come through and get the win.

-The Heckler

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