Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Heckler's Bowl Preview Special (Part 6 of 7)

Sorry for the one day delay on this posting. Today I will be going over the Rose Bowl. The "Granddaddy of Them ALL!", as they say in the Bowl world. The National Championship Preview will be up by Friday (12/31) afternoon.

The Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Ca.) - January 1, 2011
#5 Wisconsin Badgers v. #3 T.C.U. Horned Frogs

#5 Wisconsin Badgers (11-1, 7-1 Big Ten)
Average Points per game: 43.3 (tied for 4th out of 120 Division I-A teams)
Average Points Allowed: 20.5 (29)
Home record: 7-0
Away record: 4-1 (Lost to #24 Michigan St.)
Total Yards (offense): 450.2 (170)
Last 6 (W-L): 6-0
Record v. top 25: 2-1 (W: #1 Ohio State-Week 7, #15 Iowa-Week 8; L: #24 Michigan St.-Week 5)

#3 T.C.U. Horned Frogs (12-0, 8-0 MWC)
Average Points per game: 43.3 (tied for 4th)
Average Points Allowed: 11.4 (1)
Home record: 7-0
Away record: 5-0
Total Yards (offense): 491.5 (9)
Last 6 (W-L): 6-0
Record v. top 25: 2-0 (W: #24 Oregon St.-Week 1, #5 Utah-Week 10)


Bret Bielema leads the number 5 ranked Wisconsin Badgers into the Rose Bowl for the first time in 11 years. The Badgers have been on fire since losing their opening conference game to then #24 Michigan St. Looking back on the Badgers season one has to wonder what could have been. Had Wisconsin come out to play from the opening half in that week 5 match-up the Badgers may have had a case to go and play in the National Championship Game. Since that game Wisconsin has been putting up video game like numbers: 41, 31, 31, 34, 83, 48, 70. If the Badgers had gone undefeated as well the Nation may have had some real hard decisions to make when it came down to final B.C.S. Standings time. Like I said, Wisconsin is on a roll but the T.C.U Horned Frogs have been on that roll since last year. Other than a 17-10 loss to then fellow undefeated Boise St in last years Fiesta Bowl, the #3 Horned Frogs haven't missed a beat. Over the last 2 years this Gary Patterson led team has been known for 2 things: playing tough defense and being a scary match-up. Win or lose (mostly winning) they do it with fight and tenacity. Last year the B.C.S. put T.C.U. up against Boise St. The Nation didn't learn anything about either one of those two teams, other than that they are both good and the time for a playoff may be nearing sooner than we all thought. This year the B.C.S. couldn't keep T.C.U. away from the big conference schools. Now that they are here, can the Horned Frogs show the Nation that they are just as deserving as a Auburn, or a Oregon, at a shot at a National Title (Like Boise St did against Oklahoma, or like Utah did against Alabama)? Or will Wisconsin run all over them and show the Nation how weak a non-qualifying school really is compared to the big boys (like Georgia did against Colt Brennen and Hawai'i)?


1st half: #5 Wisconsin 10 #3 T.C.U. 10
2nd half: #5 Wisconsin 7 #3 T.C.U. 10

Final Score: #5 Wisconsin 17 #3 T.C.U. 20


The Rose Bowl is going to be a battle of 2 defenses. This is going to be a heavyweight slug fest between the Badgers and the Horned Frogs. If there is going to be any Bowl Game that is going to be worth the ticket of admission and live up to to expectations it will be the Rose Bowl. Wisconsin is going to come out and try and impose their will on the Horned Frogs defense. The Badger's 3 headed running attack of: James White (1,029yds 7.0 avg. 14TDs), John Clay (936yds 5.3 avg. 13TDs), and Montee Ball (864yds 6.1 avg. 17TDs) will see plenty of action in the first half of play. The Badgers will run the ball effectively enough to move down the field on the Horned Frogs and score some points. Linebacker Tanner Brock and Safety Colin Jones will be leading the #1 ranked defense in total yards allowed all over the field trying to stop the running attack of the Badgers. The first half will go back and forth with the Badgers taking the first quarter only to have the Horned Frogs take the second quarter. In the second half both defenses will stiffen up. The Badgers will find it increasingly difficult to run the ball. They will call upon their Unitas Awarding winning quarterback Scott Tolzien (2,300yds 74.3% 16TDs 6INTs) to throw the ball around the yard a bit to loosen up the Horned Frog defense. Unfortunately for the Badgers the defense will have bracket coverage around Lance Kendricks (32 rec 627yds 5TDs), Nick Toon (33 rec 413yds 3TDs) and Jared Abbrederis (19 rec 273yds 3TDs). Tozien will be running for his life in the second half as defensive end Wayne Daniels (6.5 sacks) the Horned Frogs defense come after him. Andy Dalton (2,638yds 66.2% 26TDs 6INTs; 407yds 5.3 avg. 5TDs) will do what he does best on January 1, 2011. He will calmly lead his #3 Horned Frogs into the Rose Bowl and take what the Badger defense gives him. He will run and throw the ball like he has his entire career. Jeremy Kerley (50 rec 517yds 10TDs) will be doing the catching as Dalton pitches the ball around the field. Ed Wesley (1,065yds 6.6 avg. 11TDs) and Matthew Tucker (694yds 4.8 avg. 7TDs) will pace the passing attack by taking the rock when the Horned Frogs decide to run the ball. When the dust settles and the clouds clear, on the field, at the Rose Bowl the #3 T.C.U. Horned Frogs will have shown #5 Wisconsin and the Nation that they are for real, and that they do deserve to be on the Big Stage with everyone else. #3 T.C.U. may also be setting themselves up for a date in the National Championship Game next year as they head to the Big East, which is an automatic qualifying conference in the B.C.S.

-The Heckler

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