Friday, December 31, 2010

The Heckler's Bowl Preview Special (Part 7 of 7)

Here we are folks. I am down to the last B.C.S. Bowl Game: The National Championship Game between #2 Oregon and #1 Auburn. Hope you had as much fun reading these previews as I did writing them.

B.C.S. National Championship Game (Glendale, Arizona) - January 10, 2011
#1 Auburn Tigers v. #2 Oregon Ducks

#1 Auburn Tigers (13-0, 8-0 S.E.C.)
Average Points per game: 42.7 (7th out of 120 Division I-A teams)
Average Points Allowed: 24.5 (54)
Home record: 8-0
Away record: 5-0
Total Yards (offense): 497.7 (7)
Last 6 (W-L): 6-0
Record v. top 25: 5-0 (W: #12 South Carolina-Week 4, #12 Arkansas-Week 7, #6 L.S.U.-Week 8, #11 Alabama-Week 11, #19 South Carolina-Week 13*)
*S.E.C. Championship Game

#2 Oregon Ducks (12-0, 9-0 Pac-10)
Average Points per game: 49.3 (1)
Average Points Allowed: 18.4 (13)
Home record: 6-0
Away record: 6-0
Total Yards (offense): 537.2(2)
Last 6 (W-L): 6-0
Record v. top 25: 3-0 (W: #9 Stanford-Week 5, #24 U.S.C.-Week 8, #21 Arizona-Week 11)


#1 Auburn is trying to win their second National Title in their history. #2 Oregon is trying to win their first National Title in their history. Auburn is trying to prove to the Nation that they are deserving of this game. Oregon is trying to prove to the Nation that the Pacific 10 (soon to be Pacific 12) is more than the U.S.C. Trojans. #1 Auburn comes into the Title game having faced the "tougher" schedule. They come from the Nations (arguably) toughest conference, the S.E.C. They have gone undefeated (for the second time in the last 6 years) in that conference to earn a berth into the B.C.S. National Title game. They are trying to exorcise the demons of 2004-05 when they were shut out of the Title Game even though they went undefeated in the conference. Cam Newton, the Heisman award winning quarterback of the Tigers, will also be trying to let his play do the talking in this game. The Tigers may also be trying to convince themselves that they are truly champions. They have had to come back in 8 of their 13 wins (4 of those comebacks had to come from double digits down.). They have also played 3 emotional games already against Arkansas, Alabama and South Carolina (all Bowl teams). The month off may affect the Tigers more than the Ducks. Speaking of the Ducks, #1 Oregon is coming into the National Title Game with some different chips on their shoulders. They are trying to prove that the Pac-10 has more legit teams than the U.S.C. Trojans. The Ducks are also trying to show the Nation that the Heisman candidacy of LaMicheal James was no joke. They want to show the rest of the Nation that the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest have good football teams as well; that football is more than just the Southeast and Texas. #2 Oregon has had to hear about it all year: "They don't play a tough enough schedule", "They win more than 8 games in the S.E.C.", "Cam Newton and the Tigers are just too big for them.", "They might be able to hang with the Tigers for a half but eventually Auburn is going to pull away from them.", "The Pac-10 doesn't stand a chance against the best of the S.E.C.". Oregon has had their share of emotional games this year as well. California played a game against Oregon that would be labeled as a game of tense emotions. They had to overcome their emotions during the last week of the season against the in state rivals, Oregon State. The U.S.C. and Stanford games had their share of emotions. For Oregon it is more of playing with, a chip on their shoulder for most of the year. "Yeah, well let's wait until they face someone good. Then I will pass judgment on what kind of team they will be." Well there is only one more game left and only one more team left, after January 10 we will see exactly what kind of team both Auburn and Oregon are.


1st half: #1 Auburn 20 #2 Oregon 24
2nd half: #1 Auburn 24 #2 Oregon 24

Final Score: #1 Auburn 44 #2 Oregon 48


The month off will hurt but, it will hurt the defenses more than the offenses. The month off will allow both, #1 Auburn and #2 Oregon to develop some new plays; plays that the other team does not have any video on. The first half will go back and forth. Cam Newton (2,589yds 67.1% 28TDs 6INTs; 242 carries 1,409yds 5.8 avg. 20 TDs) is going to show the Nation what we already know. He is big and quick with the ball. Newton and his receivers will shock the Ducks in the first half and throw the ball around the field a bit. Darvin Adams, Terrell Zachery, and Emory Blake (114 recs 1,961yds 18TDs) are going to be used more than half been during the regular season. Auburn is going to surprised the Ducks at the start of the game and come out in more 4 receiver sets; so that they can spread out the speedy Oregon defense just in case Newton has the room to run up the middle. The Ducks too will come out and utilize their other weapons a bit more than they did in the regular season. Darron Thomas (2,518yds 60.7% 28TDs 7INTs; 86 carries 488yds 5.7avg. 5 TDs) is going to get to showcase his talents on the Biggest Stage of his career. Thomas and Jeff Maehl (68 recs 943yds 12TDs) are going to show the Auburn defense that the Ducks can do more than just run the ball. In a high scoring first half #2 Oregon is going to go into the break up 4. As the second half starts both teams will come out and do what they do best: run the ball down the the throat of the defense. Cam Newton will put the Tigers on his shoulders as he has done all year and lead the Tigers on 4 different scoring drives in the second half but in the end LaMicheal James and the #2 Oregon Ducks will keep pace and win by the 4 point margin taken in at halftime. #2 Oregon will bring the National Championship trophy back home to Eugene for the first time in their history. #1 Auburn 44 #2 Oregon 48

-The Heckler

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