Saturday, January 29, 2011

Giants 2011 Lineup

The McCovey Chronicles has taken a crack at the Giants 2011 batting order, you can see it here. Or Here:


My first reaction is: Aubrey Huff hitting second? Are you insane? Did you watch Freddy Sanchez play when he was 100% healthy? His logic is that by moving Huff and Posey up to 2nd and 3rd, they will get more at bats over the course of the season. That would be fine, except Huff probably doesn't repeat his 6 WAR season, and unless we want Posey to be the next Russ Martin, he either needs to spend time at 1B or get more days off, adding more ABs to his resume is not the way to prolong his career or get the most out of his bat. I realize that Sanchez had off-season surgery (again), but all the reports I'm hearing are that he'll be 100% for opening day.

Here's my lineup
1. Torres- He's the only legit leadoff hitter the Giants have, and while many expect him to regress this season, they have to ride him until he proves he can't handle the job.
2. Freddy Sanchez- Owns a career .298 batting avg and a .344 OBP. Averages 38 doubles per 162 games. Why wouldn't he hit second?
3. Aubrey Huff- Until he proves he doesn't deserve to hit 3rd.
4. Buster Posey- I'd be ok with him and Huff swapping spots, but I think having the 3rd place hitter be a little faster than the cleanup guy is a good thing.
5. Pat Burrell- Great plate discipline, if he can come close to repeating what he did in 2010 for the Giants he'll be a great fit here, if he falls off expect Mark DeRosa (healthy?) to take his place
6. Cody Ross- He can hit 4th when Halladay is pitching.
7. Pablo Sandoval- Until he proves he's worthy of hitting higher..If he performs, I'd like to see him move up to 5th.
8. Miguel Tejada- good contact hitter, with some moderate power. Asking Sandoval to hit 8th and expand his zone is NOT a good thing.

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