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In the Ring with the Heckler: Michigan State, Ohio State, San Diego State/B.Y.U., Tiger Woods, Jerry West

Hello folks, welcome to another edition of "In the Ring with the Heckler". First of all I would like to congratulate my partner Ross on a great interview segment this last Tuesday. It is a very informative interview with lots of baseball insight and if you haven't checked it out yet you should definitely give it a read.

Today I am going to be tackling Michigan State and what might happen to their season if they don't right the ship soon. I am going to be talking about how Ohio State could be this years favorite to win the Men's National Championship in basketball. I will be going over the battle that happened in B.Y.U. and why the Nation may be talking about B.Y.U. and not San Diego State in about a month. What to expect from Tiger Woods in 2011. Why Jerry West is either dilusional or a Laker mastermind.

Michigan State Spartans (12-8, 4-4)

Let's see what the Spartans have been going through the last month:

1. Korie Lucious was dismissed from the team for conduct detrimental to the team

2. 4-4 in the Big Ten

3. They have lost the last 3 games in a row

4. They just lost to Michigan in East Lansing for the first time in 11 tries

This year, by far, has been the most trying year in the long tenured career of Mike Izzo at Michigan State. The Spartans have to go back to what has made a perennial NCAA tournament team. They have to start playing better team defense, and on offense they need better spacing and ball movement. They also have to rebound better. This is not year typical Spartan team, they will have to round into form later in the season than they are used to. If they don't right the ship in the next month then they may just miss the tournament regardless of what they do in the Big Ten tournament (short of winning it.)

Ohio State Buckeyes (21-0, 8-0)

The Buckeyes are having a season for the ages. They are making the people of Columbus pay attention to them instead of the off-season football recruiting. They have had one rough stretch this year. Between January 4 and January 15, they won by 5, 3, 4, and 3. They have 10 games left. They play on the road 5 times (@Northwestern, @#18 Minnesota, @#15 Wisconsin, @#12 Purdue, @Penn State). Five of their next ten opponents are ranked in the top 25.

Ohio State has a chance to go 31-0 overall and 18-0 in the Big Ten. Don't be surprised to see them go 8-2 down the stretch, but 10-0 is a definite possibility. The Buckeyes are going to be one of the four #1 seeds this coming March. They will also be a favorite to win it all (along with Kansas, Duke, and Pittsburgh)

We will see how the Buckeyes will fair in the next 2 months.

San Diego State/B.Y.U.

San Diego State had a chance to show the Nation that they were a legit NCAA tournament team. They couldn't stop the man child that is Jimmer Ferdette (43 pts) and they left Provo, Utah with their first loss of the season (71-58). Now San Diego State has to face two truths:

1. they aren't in first place anymore in the MWC (that distinction belongs to 6-0 B.Y.U.)

2. where do they go from here?

The Aztecs have a opportunity to gain some revenge when they get B.Y.U. on their home court February 26. They just have to forget about it and win all their games up to their point. Otherwise they will fall pretty fast in the polls and in the minds of the NCAA committee. You don't want to go from a solid 2 or 3 seed to a unstable 5 or 6 seed by going 6-4 down the stretch.

The next 10 games, along with the MWC tournament will a lot to say as to where San Diego State is going to be slotted this coming March.

Tiger Woods

Tiger is back this weekend. He shot a 69 in his first competitive round of 2011. This is the first year that he enters a season without being the defending champion of any tournament.

Tiger is freshly divorced and now tries to get back to being the dominate force he once was on Tour. He wants to show the World that he is better than the #3 Ranked Player in the World

Don't be surprised to see Tiger win 9 to 11 tournaments and at least 2 Majors (The Masters and the U.S. Open for sure).

Jerry West

The Logo of the NBA told a bunch of car dealers in Orange County that the Lakers were old and that their window of opportunity was closing. He told those esteemed gentlemen that with Kobe and the rest of the Superstars on that team getting older the Lakers were on their way out and that the Celtics were now the favorites to win the Larry O'Brien trophy.

Calm down, I know (and Jerry knows) that the Celtics are a tree ring away from being just as old (if not older) as the Lakers. Jerry West sounds insane or senile. Yet if you don't know the genius of Jerry West you may be thinking this. You may be thinking that age has caught up with Jerry and he just isn't thinking straight anymore.

Let me tell you something: Jerry West is senile as a Fox.

After West threw out his comments the Lakers went out and beat the Jazz 120-91.

Mr. Laker was definitely trying to motivate his former club. Jerry West is too smart of a person to actually believe that the Lakers are going to have a window close on them. They will reload like they have always done (even when Jerry West was just a mere mortal and just a NBA player). They bought Wilt, they bought Kareem, they bought Shaq, they bought Pau. Whenever Kobe retires the Lakers will do what they always do.

They will draft the perimeter and then buy their Big Man.


News and Notes:

In the Next edition I will be talking about the Super Bowl...UCD is trying to seal the deal against UC Riverside tonight, up 60-28 with 14:11 left...Ohio State and Duke seperated themselves this week from the rest of the top 5...Blake Griffin just keeps on rolling on this year, 30 Double Doubles in his last 31 games.

-The Heckler

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