Saturday, February 5, 2011

In the Ring with the Heckler: Super Bowl XLV

Hey out there in Sports Land, tomorrow is Super Sunday! I am looking forward to: the commercials, the food, the beer, and of course the game itself. So with a little more than 26 hours left before the game I am going to give you my prediction for the game.

SUPER BOWL XLV: Pittsburgh Steelers v. Green Bay Packers

There will be over 100,000 people in Dallas on Sunday, they will be witness to a great game.

1st Quarter

After 2 weeks of hype the game will finally begin. The Steelers are going to come out and try and establish their running game with Rashard Mendenhall. The Steelers are going to take advantage of the Packers speedy linebackers. They will come out with a lot of misdirection plays early and often. A lot of counter action, along with a lot of play action. The Steelers will manage to get a FG or two but they will soon realize that the Packer run defense is as good as advertised. The Packers on the other hand will try and come out with a balanced offensive attack. James Stark has clearly established himself as the number 1 back in the Packer backfield as he has rumbled trough the playoffs with confidence and strength. Aaron Rodgers is going to try and attack the middle of the Steeler secondary early and see if they can cover his array of receivers. They will manage a touchdown but it will come late in the quarter.

Steelers 6
Packers 7

2nd Quarter

After the late touchdown to end the 1st quarter the Steelers are going to answer back with a long drive of their own to start the 2nd quarter. They will go 12 plays and take up 6 to 8 minutes of the clock. They are going to get their only touchdown of the half with a 3 yard run by Mendenhall. The Packers defense will stiffen after that drive and not allow the Steelers any more sniffs into the Red Zone. The Packers offense will similarly be stifled by the aggressive Steeler defense. They will manage to get a couple of drives down the field, but they will only be able to get FG attempts out of them (going 1 of 2 on those attempts). The first half will come to a close with the Steelers up by 3, and the momentum will still be down the middle. Both teams will go into half time trying to tighten up their game for the 2nd half.

Steelers 13
Packers 10

3rd Quarter

In the second half both teams will come motivated to take home the Lombardi Trophy. The Steelers will look like they are going to blow open the Super Bowl by scoring 10 unanswered points in the quarter. Mendenhall will figure out the Packer defense just enough to get the bulk of his yards in this quarter. He will also get the Steelers 2nd touchdown of the game. The 3rd quarter is going to come to a close with the Steelers holding onto a commanding 13 point lead. The Packers will be able to get a first down here or there, but turnovers and a sputtering offense will not net them any points in the 3rd quarter.

Steelers 23
Packers 10

4th Quarter

The Steelers are going to come out in the 4th and try and run out the game with their running game. The Packers are not going to have any of it, they are going to make the Super Bowl interesting by scoring 13 unanswered points so that the game is tied heading into the depths of the 4th quarter. Aaron Rodgers will finally get going in this quarter as he throws for 2 touchdowns (one to Driver and one to Jennings). The second guessing will occur when Mike McCarthy chooses to go for 2 instead of going for the tying extra point near the end of the game (after Rodgers' 2nd touchdown of the quarter). The Steelers will take the ball and drive down the field to kick the winning FG and take away their NFL record 7th Super Bowl title.

Steelers 26
Packers 23

Super Bowl MVP: Rashard Mendenhall

Well there you go Ross and Heckler Nation, there is my Super Bowl XLV prediction. I hate both teams, but I am figuring that this is going to be a great Super Bowl. Enjoy the chips and dip everyone, and don't drink too much beer before halftime, you may want to be awake in the second half to watch the end of this game. Enjoy your Super Sunday, I know I will.

-The Heckler

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